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Anton & Frances Wolf's (Bob's maternal grandparents) farm-boarding house

about 1920


Here is some Czech, Polish and Eastern European music from the 30's and 40's

In Heaven there is no Beer

Out Behind the Barn


                                                                        Here is one my Uncle George, who just passed away, had on a Decca record.

                                                                        I have looked for it for a long time. It was from the 1940’s, I think, because

                                                                        I played it while he was in the Navy.

I Can't Leave My Girl Behind. by Freddie Fisher


Barbara Polka

Beer Barrel Polka

Clarinet Polka

Helen Polka

Prune Song Waltz

I Love to Dance






Summer boarders and some of the family taken in 1923.

Elsie is holding George, Ottillie is the last girl on the right

in the front row. Frances is 3rd from the left in the second row and Anton

is 5th from

the left in the same row.



Babicka (Babi) & Dedecek (Dede or Jeda) with the "Station Wagon"

used to transport their boarders

to and from the Old Saybrook train station. About 1924.

Photo from Ronald Wolf



Taken Anton Wolf, Dedecek (Dede or Jeda) with fresh picked mushrooms.

about 1924

Photo from Ronald Wolf



From the top, left to right.

Ludwig holding Little George, Frank, Bob's Mom, Tillie,

Eunice(Margaret's sister), Dedecek (Dede or Jeda), Babicka (Babi), Mrs. Ray (Margarets mother),

Margaret (Frank's wife), Elsie, Big George, Peggie(Frank's daughter) & Ed (Ronald Wolf's father)

about 1924.

My Mom (Tillie) is wearing cootie garages*!

*Cootie garage: One of a pair of hair puffs worn over a woman's ears. c. 1920

use (definition from Wentworth and Flexnel's Dictionary of American Slang)

*Cootie was originally British naval slang for a head louse

Photo from Ronald Wolf



Bob's maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and mother.

George, Elsie, Ludwig, Babi (Frances), Eddie, Dedecek (Dede or Jeda, Anton),

Frank & (Bob's mother)Ottillie Wolf. Aunt Mary is not

in this picture take about 1926.

Anton Wolf arrived in this country on Feb.18,1898.

Frantiska (Frances),Frank and Ludwik arrived on July 7, 1898.

The following are their passenger records. 

Anton is on line 13 and Frances on line 4. Their sons Frank and Ludwick are

on lines 5 and 6.







Anton & Frances Wolf's farm-boarding house about 1940

Bob's maternal grandparents



Dede, Babi & Moly about 1940

Bob's maternal grandparents



                                                                Bob & cousin Frances on the farm, about 1936



   Mary Wolf-Treitler June 1934




    Bob's Dad, Mom and Bob at the

    1940 Worlds Fair Flushing, NY


 Blanche on Molly, Dede and Frances  about 1943


                                                                   Bob & Frances behind the barn and in front of the 

                                                        manure pile with Tippy and Phillip about 1944



The Spiwak family: Bob's father Roger, Sofie, John, Mary (Bob�s

Grandmother), Joe, Frank, Carry, Annie, John (Bob's Grandfather).

Stanley is not in this photo. Photo taken about 1943.




John, Stanley & Mary Spiwak taken

about 1943




Bob's brother Roger & Bob's Dad

First Communion about 1949


Roger, my brother, and Bob with brook trout about 1950




Ed & Mae Wolf's Anniversary 1953.

From Left to Right:

Stanley Svoboda, Sylvia Svoboda, George Wolfe, Dot Wolfe,Behind George is Bob Treitler holding Bob Junior,

Jane Treitler,Elsie Colgan, Jim Colgan, Anna Wolf, holding Brian (George & Dot's son).

In front of Anna, Peter Svoboda, Eleanor Howard and Bob Howard (neighbors of Ed & Mae),

Mary Treitler, Diana Wolf, Elizabeth Thayer(neighbor), Ron Wolf,

Roger Spiwak (Bob's brother), Mae Wolf, Dick Wolf, Tillie Spiwak, Roger Spiwak(Bob's Dad), Ted Wolf and Ed Wolf.





Carol's Grandfather Berger Anderson, Aunt Clara, Uncle Reinhold,

Father Carl and Grandmother Augusta. Taken in Sweden about 1902.




Carol's Uncle Reinhold Anderson, Aunt Clara , Grandfather

Nicola Juliani, Aunt Stella Juliani, Father Carl Anderson, Carol,

Mother Mary, Sister Claire, family friend, family friend. Seated: Carol�s

cousin Clara and Dolores. Photo taken about 1946.

Nicola Juliani arived in this country on Oct. 15, 1907 along with

Antonio, Pietro, Alfonsina and Stella

Click here to see Nicloa Juliani's Ellis Island passenger records.









Carol's brother Carl (Bud) Anderson

about 1934



Carol & her Dad June 1949




Carol's sister Corrine & husband Steve

about 1948




Carol's sister Claire & husband Ed

about 1948




Carol's Mom, Mary Anderson, Carol & Aunt Stella 1946


Carol at Gillette's Castle overlooking the Connecticut River 1957


Carol and Bob's Wedding Anouncement In the  Middletown Press

September 21, 1957



The result was Carol & Bob's Wedding September 21, 1957




Left to right in the wedding party:

Ed Bower, Jackie Bower, Bob, Carol, Clair Short, Ed Short,

Corrine Zaiko, George Wolfe and the flower girl; Christine Zaiko





         On the way home from our Honeymoon we stopped at 

               my uncle Eddies farm in Massachusetts. Here is a photo 

         of, as my uncle would say, "two good looking Heifers".



                                                                                      Four generations of Spiwaks: John my Grandfather, Roger my Father, Bob (Me),
                                                                                      Robbie our son.
                                                                                      Photo was taken in 1958.


Rub a dub dub three kids in a tub.

Maureeni-spuchini, Rosie-dosie and Robbie-dobbie

May 1963



July 1971

Maureen, Robbie, Lydia and Rosemary

Christmas 1972



Mom's 100th birthday. July 8, 2006, Live Oak Florida.




Over 100 and still cookin. July 9, 2006, Live Oak Florida.




Bob & Carol Spiwak's Family 11-23-2006

First Row:

Cassandra, Marissa, Colette, Rachel, Joelle, Elise.

Second Row:

Lydia, Celine, Carol, Gianna, Maureen, Rosemary.

Third Row:

Robbie, Christina, Jared, Jonathan, Brett, John,

Baby Chase, Mike, Bill, Bob.

John & Rosemary's Family:

Jonathan & his friend Christina, Brett, Rachel, Cassandra

Bill & Maureen's Family:

Marissa, Joelle, Elise, Gianna

Mike & Lydia's Family:

Colette, Jared, Celine, Chase




Bob & Carol Spiwak's 50th anniversary with Bishop Paul Bootkoski 9/21/2007




Mom's last picture. Taken with Marc Spiwak and her Great Granddaughter Haley 5/2009




Mom's Remembrance 6/6/2009





                                              Welcoming our Great Granddaughter  Anastasia  Marie Polak

                                                                                                  Born March 10, 2017





                                                                      Anastasia' first smile 




                        The Adult Day Center “Happy Go Lucky Chorus” led by Gary Morton



                   Gary Morton and Rob at the Adult Day Center

Here are a couple of videos of Rob singing:

Bicycle Built for Two


Hey Good Looking