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China Night & Nagasaki Batterfly Lyrics

China Night (Shina no yoru)


Nagasaki Butterfly

Tokyo Boogie Woogie

Tanko Bushi contributed by Don Cooper

The Old O-soba Man


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The Old O-soba Man from Shimbashi



Listen to the 1950's Japanese Music loved by the American Forces stationed in Japan and Korea. I dug up a couple of 45 and 78 rpm records which were buried in a drawer for about 50 years. They were recorded in Japan in the early 1950's. Both were Columbia recordings. I had the songs put on a CD so I could put them on the website as I no longer have a record player. I also found the lyrics of two of the songs.

Right click on the selections of Japanese music and then select "save target as" to download the music. It will take a several minutes to download the music files but you will be rewarded for the wait. Sit back and visualize. If you want to sing along click on the "China Night & Nagasaki Batterfly Lyrics".

Music can be played on RealOne Player which can be downloaded free from

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