·        A Brief History of Communications Intelligence in the United States by Captain Lawrence Safford USN contributed by Bruce Case

·       Selected References on the History of Communication Security in the USAF

·       NSA 50th Anniversary

·       SIGINET and COMSEC Help Save the day at Pusan

·        Security Monitoring WW1-1955

·       AIA History 1948 to 2000

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The titles on the left are samples of the USAFSS COMSEC history that has been compiled by Fred Wagner. Fred is the historian for the USAF COMSEC VETERANS GROUP, INC. He has compiled more than twenty articles that bring to life the history of SIGINET, AIA, NSA, ICD and COMSEC. They cover WW1 through the year 2000. Click on the titles to get a flavor of this history. Click on "Selected Reference on the History of Communication Security in the USAF" for a complete list of articles. More information may be obtained by contacting Fred by e-mail at

Below is a Brief History of the USAFSS and it's Communications Security Units. It was prepared by Fred Wagner as was all on the material on this site.

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